Hollywood Blvd Landscapes and Landscaping in Oakville and Burlington Ontario

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Hollywood Blvd

Yard Makeovers

Free consultation to discuss how we can renew your landscaping and update your outdoor living space.

Whether you are starting from scratch or needing an improvement to your current landscaping, our friendly and experienced team can help you design and install a beautiful landscape to compliment your home and your lifestyle. (Contact Us)

Customized plans for lawn care and garden service.

Customized landscape maintenance programs, including lawn cutting and fertilizing and traditional gardening service, to fit your needs and your budget.

Seniors rates available.

We plant trees, shrubs, perennials, bulbs and annuals you have purchased or we will supply and install nursery stock, direct from our grower. (Contact Us)

New Homeowner in Oakville?
Contact us for all your landscaping and lawn maintenance property needs! We've got years of experience in landscape redesigns and would be happy to help you make your property fit your vision! (Contact Us)

Landscape Design, Build and Maintenance servicing Oakville, Burlington and surrounding areas for over 25 years

Hollywood Blvd. Landscapes provides fully insured, premium landscaping services for both residential and commercial properties in Oakville and Burlington, Ontario.

Hollywood Blvd. Landscapes in Oakville is valued for our landscaping and landscape design service. Our services also include landscape maintenance, lawn cutting and mowing, gardening, yard clean up, planting and sodding. In the winter you can count on dependable and careful snow clearing, snow removal and salting.

For over 20 years we have striven to maintain the complete satisfaction of our clients and we are committed to maintaining our position as the industry leader in landscaping Oakville and Burlington, Ontario.

Our goal is to ensure that everyone who visits, works or lives on a property we maintain, is impressed with the quality of our service and the care we take to make every landscape truly special.

Learn more about our commercial property maintenance.

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Tree, Hedge and Shrub Trimming
Tree, hedge and shrub trimming by experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

Payment Methods
We make payment easy. We accept: Visa, Mastercard, Online Bank payment and cash.

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